Proceedings of TARK I (1986)

Edited by Joseph Halpern


March 19-22, 1986

Monterey, California

Reasoning About Knowledge: An Overview (invited talk) [PDF]

J. Halpern


Varieties of Self-Reference  [PDF]

B. Smith


Pegs and Alecs  [PDF]

F. Landman


Reasoning About Knowledge in Philosophy: The Paradigm of Epistemic Logic (invited talk) [PDF]

J. Hintikka


Reasoning About Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (invited talk--abstract only)  [PDF]

R. Moore


The Synthesis of Digital Machines With Provable Epistemic Properties.  [PDF]

S. Rosenschein and L. Kaelbling.


A First Order Theory of Planning, Knowledge, and Action.  [PDF]

L. Morgenstern.


The Consistency of Syntactical Treatments of Knowledge.  [PDF]

J. des Rivikres and H. Levesque


The Knower's Paradox and Representational Theories of Attitudes  [PDF]

N. Asher and I. Kamp


Knowledge and Common Knowledge in a Byzantine Environment I: Crash Failures (Extended Abstract)  [PDF]

C. Dwork and Y. Moses


Foundations of Knowledge for Distributed Systems  [PDF]

M. Fischer and N. Immerman


Knowledge and Implicit Knowledge in a Distributed Environment: Preliminary Report  [PDF]

R. Fagin and M. Vardi


The Logic of Distributed Protocols (Preliminary Report)  [PDF]

R. Ladner and I. Reif


Panel: Objects of Knowledge and Belief: Sentences vs. Propositions? (abstract only)  [PDF]


Paradoxes and Semantic Representation (position paper)  [PDF]

R. Thomason


What Awareness Isn't: A Sentential View of Implicit and Explicit Belief (position paper)  [PDF]

K. Konolige


Reasoning About Knowledge in Economics (invited talk--abstract only)  [PDF]

R. Aumann


Summary of "On Aumann's Notion of Common Knowledge: An Alternative Approach"  [PDF]

T. Tan and S. Werlang


On Play by Means of Computing Machines (Preliminary Version)  [PDF]

N. Megiddo and A. Wigderson


A Theory of Higher Order Probabilities  [PDF]

H. Gaifman


On Epistemic Logic and Logical Omniscience  [PDF]

M. Vardi


Mental Situation Calculus (invited talk--abstract only)  [PDF]

J. McCarthy


A Resolution Method for Quantified Modal Logics of Knowledge and Belief  [PDF]

C. Geissler and K. Konolige


Steps Towards a First-Order Logic of Explicit and Implicit Belief  [PDF]

G. Lakemeyer


Logicians Who Reason About Themselves (invited talk)  [PDF]

R. Smullyan


Knowledge and Efficient Computation (invited talk)  [PDF]

S. Micali


Realizability Semantics for Error-Tolerant Logics (Preliminary Version)  [PDF]

J. Mitchell and M. O'Donnell


Theoretical Foundations for Belief Revision  [PDF]

J. Martins and S. Shapiro


A Framework for Intuitionistic Modal Logics (Extended Abstract)  [PDF]

G. Plotkin and C. Stifling