Proceedings of TARK II (1988)

Edited by Moshe Y. Vardi


March 7-9, 1988

Pacific Grove, California

Zero Knowledge Interactive Proofs of Knowledge (A Digest) (invited talk) [PDF]

M. Tompa


A New Model for Inductive Inference  [PDF]

R.L. Rivest and R. Sloan


Doxastic Paradoxes without Self-Reference  [PDF]

R. C. Koons


Operational Pointer Semantics: Solution to Self-Referential Puzzles I  [PDF]

H. Gaifman


Reasoning about Belief and Knowledge with Self-Reference and Time  [PDF]

N. Asher


Revisions of Knowledge Systems Using Epistemic Entrenchment  [PDF]

P. Gfirdenfors and D. Makinson


On Integrity Constraints  [PDF]

R. Reiter


Circumscription in a Modal Logic  [PDF]

E Lin


Toward a Theory of Communication and Cooperation for Multiagent Planning  [PDF]

E. Werner


A Tractable Knowledge Representation Service with Full Introspection  [PDF]

G. Lakemeyer and H. J. Levesque


Reasoning About Knowledge: A Tutorial (abstract)  [PDF]

J. Y Halpern


A Guide to Knowledge and Games  [PDF]

T. C. Tan and S. Werlang


Incentive Constraints and Optimal Communication Systems (invited talk)  [PDF]

R. B. Myerson


Complete Information Outcomes without Common Knowledge  [PDF]

A. E Daughety and R. Forsythe


Evolutionary Foundations of Solution Concepts for Finite, Two-Player, Normal-Form Games  [PDF]

L. Samuelson


Information and Meta Information  [PDF]

I. Gilboa


Representing Knowledge in Learning Systems by Pseudo Boolean Functions  [PDF]

H. Shvaytser


Resource-bounded Knowledge  [PDF]

Y. Moses


Reasoning about Knowledge and Probability  [PDF]

R. Fagin and J. Y. Halpern


Knowledge Consistency: A Useful Suspension of Disbelief  [PDF]

G. Neiger


A Knowledge Theoretic Account of Recovery in Distributed Systems: The Case of Negotiated Commitment  [PDF]

M. S. Mazer


Authentication: A Practical Study in Belief and Action  [PDF]

M. Burrows, M. Abadi, and R. Needham


Panel: Logicality vs. Rationality (abstract)  [PDF]


Knowledge, Representation, and Rational Self-Government (position paper)  [PDF]

J. Doyle


The Curse of Frege (position paper)  [PDF]

R. Loui


Comments on "Knowledge, Representation, and Rational Self-Government" (position paper)  [PDF]

H. J. Levesque


Is It Rational to be Logical? (position paper)  [PDF]

R. C. Moore


Three Views of Common Knowledge  [PDF]

J. Barwise


Common Knowledge and Backward Induction: A Solution to the Paradox  [PDF]

C. Bicchieri


Extensive Games and Common Knowledge (abstract)  [PDF]

P. J. Reny


Information-Dependent Games: Can Common Sense Be Common Knowledge? (abstract)  [PDF]

I. Gilboa and D. Schmeidler